Sponsor A Bench

Sponsor a Bench with DuMor!

The DuMor Sponsor a Bench program is a cost effective way for communities to enhance their public spaces while allowing individuals, groups and organizations to honor and memorialize their loved ones, friends and associates. Those who choose to sponsor a bench or companion piece will pay the cost of the product and the accompanying zinc plaque which can be customized according to the sponsor’s specifications.

Five Steps To Launch A Local Sponsor A Bench Program
1. Determine the location and placement of benches and companion products.
2. Determine the total number of units that will be made available for sponsorship.
3. Contact your local DuMor representative for assistance in selecting the product that will best fit the area as well as sponsorship goals.
4. Establish a point of contact/coordinator for your program.
5. Determine and implement the best method of marketing the Sponsor a Bench program to the community.

  • Local newspaper and publication
  • Direct Mail
  • Radio/TV

Black and white camera-ready artwork is required for logos or special graphics.
(Note: All requests are subject to our review and approval.)