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Anita Rudy


Anita is the daughter of DuMor, Inc. co-founder, M. Richard Rudy. After working part-time with DuMor while in school, Anita became a full-time member of the staff in May of 1985.  During her 32 years with DuMor, she has worked in various areas including administrative support, order entry, and logistics coordination.  She became a member of the Board of Directors in 1996 and President in February 2016.

Nick Saner

Vice President of Finance

Nick began working part-time, assisting in many areas in both the office and the shop, at DuMor, Inc. while attending high school and college. After receiving his Associate degree from Penn State University in Business Administration, he became a full-time employee in 2005 as the Human Resources Manager. While in that position, Nick also became involved in the finance and accounting end of the business. He became a member of the Board in 2007 and, in January 2011, was named Vice President of Finance.

Mark E. Saner

Secretary of Corporate Affairs

Mark joined Dumor, Inc. full-time in September 1985.  Before coming to DuMor, he worked at a major playground manufacturer for eight years.  At DuMor, Mark is in charge of the finishing, packaging and quality control of the product.  He has been a member of the Board of Directors since 1996.

Keith Whistler

Operations Manager

Keith joined DuMor, Inc. shortly after its founders opened the doors in 1984. Coming from the structural steel industry, he has over 30 years experience in metal fabrication and welding.  At DuMor, Keith plans, assigns, and manages, through subordinate supervisors and support staff, the manufacturing and quality control of site furnishings. Additionally, he is in charge of plant maintenance and upkeep.